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DICE recently made a post explaining how the Battlefield 1 Medal System works. Unlike the previous systems, this will be slightly different. This time around, there will be five medals for you to choose from.

Most first-person multiplayer shooter gamers are urged to play not only because of the thrill of the kill but also because of the unlockable rewards.

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There will be 5 medals to choose from which is available weekly. Each specific medal will have around three to five stages for you to finish. In the whole week you can choose between the five medals you would want to unlock. If your game mode or role would change, and you would want to pursue a different kind of medal, you will be able to do so without resetting your accomplishments as long as it is within the week of the medals availability.

Here’s an example from DICE to better understand the Medal System. “Take for instance the Medic-themed medal ‘Order of Hippocrates’. Here, the stages tie into skills that make a good Medic, i.e. getting 20 kills with medic weapons, healing teammates 100 times, and completing 20 revives. You will be informed by the tracker when a stage is complete.”

medal-systemThere is also a total of 34 medals which can be gained 100 times. Every medal that you complete will earn the player XP, and of course getting it 100 times will grant you, even more XP.

What do you think of Battlefield 1’s newest Medal System? Share with us your thoughts about here in the comments below.



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