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Battlefield 1 Data Leak Reveals Anything You Need to Know About the Game



Episodes, weapons, gadgets, maps, and many more!

A recent Battlefield 1 data leak from its closed alpha has revealed almost everything about the game. A user named Lobix on Reddit dumped all the information along with an apology to EA that reads: EA & DICE, I’M SORRY <3.

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Battlefield 1 Data Leak in a Nutshell

The data dumped on Reddit is pretty extensive, covering everything from the campaign to its Battlepack names. The post revealed that Battlefield 1 is likely to have seven episodes in its single player campaign, along with a total of 20 chapters. Character names Pritchard, Mcmanus, Finch, Townsend, and Edwards have also been mentioned, although it is not sure whether these are the only characters in the game. Ways to receive exclusive dog tags were also listed, one of which is to simply complete “The Road to Battlefield 1” missions in Battlefield 4 or in Battlefield Hardline. There are also a total of 49 weapons, 19 gadgets, and 7 melee weapons included. 10 map names and 8 game modes were also revealed.

If you want to view the entire list, click here.

We are excited to see and experience all these once Battlefield 1 officially launches on October 21st. Which of these are you excited about? Tell us about it in the comments below!



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