A Way Out Passes expected Lifetime Sales in 2 Weeks

A Way Out

When EA took in Hazelight Studios and their ambitious project, they assumed A Way Out would probably sell less than 900,000 copies during its entire lifetime. Now, the indie studio has announced that the co-op adventure has passed 1 million copies sold just two weeks after it launched.

A Way Out
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Hazelight took to Twitter to announce the milestone, expressing how speechless they were at the support they’ve been given. Infamous game director Josef Fares then added that the milestone would also indicate that 2 million people have gone through the adventure. You can check out their tweets below:

It’s not clear whether the 2 million players stat is based on fact or was just deduced from the number of sales. In case you’re not aware, A Way Out requires 2 players to be playing throughout the adventure but only requires one of those players to purchase a copy of the game even when playing online. It’s possible that more copies were sold than what’s necessary for all players, but we really can’t say.

The game launched last 23 March to average reviews. Most critics found the co-op gameplay worthwhile but noted that the mixture of mechanics and the presence of QTE’s were not to their liking.


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  1. April 19, 2018, 11:20

    Awesome news for Hazelight Studios. Maybe this will get other publishers to fund smaller studios like this one more often.

  2. Cervantes says
    April 16, 2018, 13:21

    That was expected from the same directors as Brothers a tale of two son, well done, good sales!


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