A Way Out – Here’s What We Know so Far

A Way Out

An indie title under EA’s Originals program may very well become the co-op game of the year. We’re referring of course to Josef Fares’ A Way Out. The cinematic adventure finds a pair of convicts working together to escape prison. If you have the word “cliche” already running around in your head, wait just one sec as we tell you what the game is all about.

A Way Out
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Revealed at E3 2017, the game was first picked up by the EA Originals program when Executive Vice-President Patrick Soderlund offered Fares $3.7 million to develop the game. Soderlund was so impressed by Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Fares’ previous game, that he made the offer personally and added that the Fares and his team could have full creative control. Fares used the money to form Hazelight Studios from former members of Starbreeze Studios who he worked with for Brothers.

A Way Out will be a two-player, co-op only experience. There will be no single-player mode. The game runs in split-screen even when playing online to enable players to see from both characters’ perspectives. This also emulates the couch co-op experience the game is intended to be played in. The good news is you’ll only need one purchased copy of the game even if you’re playing online.

Aside from the main premise, not much is known about the story. Players will play as either Leo or Vincent, two very different characters who contribute greatly to the idea of having two perspectives in the game. Both players will have to work together as they navigate through the environment and try to get through different problems.

More details should be revealed as the game nears launch. A Way Out is set to release on 28 March for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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  1. January 26, 2018, 09:40

    Looks interesting and actually unique. To bad that it can only be played in co-op.


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